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Monster Makers Exclusive, brand new tool line
 includes a variety of premium tools sourced from around the world. Each tool is hand selected to provide artists with a wide choice for precise clay modeling and surfacing.  These tools are suitable for water based, polymer, oil and wax based clay mediums.

Choose from the following sets:


Stainless Steel Ultra Detail Tool Set:  This great detail set includes ten, double end mini balls and spatulas for imparting extreme detail in your clay creations. Comes in its own reusable, clear plastic pouch.

Stainless Steel Duraloop Tool Set: The highly durable loop set includes a selection of four, double end, extra reinforced loops for removing and grooming the clay surface. Also includes one large, flat serrated edge and one large, loop end tool.

Precision Stainless Tool Set: This set is one of the nicest sets we have found yet. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, this sexy, five tool double end set is made of extra heavy weight stainless steel, polished to perfection and destined to become one of the most used tool sets in your arsenal. Comes in its own reusable, clear plastic pouch.

Aluminum Mini Loop Detail Set: The mini seven piece loop set is lightweight and comes with a wide selection of double loop shapes that are particularly useful for removing clay in tight areas. This set is especially useful for sculptures made of polymer clay and Monster Clay.

Ball Stylus Sculpting Tool Set: Our new Ball Stylus Sculpting Tool Set contains five, double end ball tools measuring from 1/2mm to 2mm. Made with an extra hard plastic Handle for longer service life than the more commonly found wooden variety.

Small Soft Tipped Silicone Clay Shapers: Our Small Clay Shaper set is perfect for those tight detail areas were a hard tool won’t do and softer touch is needed. Especially great for polymer clay when shaping areas like the recesses of eyes and ears. Comes with five, single end, fine points and crisp edge shapes. A lifesaver for the most delicate work and a great substitute for applications where solvents and brushes are normally employed.


Basic Studio Tool Kit

A good beginning set of tools for detailing and mold work. Includes 1 Metal Scraper, 1 Wooden Tool, 1 Double End Loop Tool, 1 Scribing Tool, 3 Piece Bamboo Shaping Set, and a 10 Piece Heavy Duty Plastic Clay Shaper Set. Packaged in a Waterproof Pouch.

Intermediate Studio Tool Kit

A set of 24 sculpting and detail tools suitable for a wide variety of sculpting styles. Includes: 1 Metal Scraper, 1 Wooden Tool, 1 Double End Loop Tool, 1 Scribing Tool, Set of 5 Small Firm Tipped Silicone Clay Shapers, Set of 5 Double End Ball Stylus Sculpting Tools, and a 10 Piece Heavy Duty Plastic Clay Shaper Set. 

Pro Studio Tool Kit

A 23 Piece assortment of detailing, sculpting, and mold finishing tools for professionals. Includes: 1 Metal Scraper, 1 Wooden Tool, 1 Double End Loop Tool, 1 Scribing Tool, Set of 5 Small Medium Tipped Silicone Clay Shapers, Set of 5 Soft Nylon Bristle Brushes, Set of 3 Stainless Steel Double End  Ball Stylus and Shaper Set, and 6 Stainless Steel Fine Detail Tools.

Mold Making Tool Kit
An essential tool set for mold making. Perfect for those tight detail areas joining clay walls and creating keys. Includes: 1 Metal Scraper, 1 Potter's Rib, 1 Loop Tool, 1 Sponge, 1 wire clay cutter, 2 1" Chip Brushes, 5 piece set of Large Soft Tipped Silicone Clay Shapers, and a set of 5 Stainless Steel Serrated Spatulas for plaster work.

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