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The Super Deluxe Kit, our second largest, will most definitely help get you on the road to becoming a professional rubber monster maker. Packed with lots of mask-making goodies and enough material to make at least 25 large, or 50 small, full head mask copies. Designed for the serious mask-maker who wants to begin making masks for profit. Allows you to work on two designs at once. A serious kit for a serious entrepreneurs. Now availalbe in four versions. Choose your head combinations and if you would like the complete kit or the version without the heavy items (Hydro Cal for making the mold and EM210 white clay for creating your dividing walls.) If you can source these items locally, you can save on product cost and shipping.

Super Deluxe Mask-Making Kit Contains:

2 Deluxe Full Head Armature
36 lbs. Monster Makers Premium Clay
Essential Mask Sculpting Tool Set
10 Piece Oil Clay Brush Set
Texture Pad Set #1, #2 (24 pieces)
50 lbs. EM 210
100 Lbs. Hydrocal (May be substituted for Ultra Cal)
3 Yards Burlap
(12) 2" Chip Brushes
Rubber Kidney Tool Set
3 Mold Banding Straps substituted with 6 six inch ceramic bands
5 Gallons Mask Latex
13 Color 8 oz. Mask Paint Kit
4 oz. Perma- Wet Gloss Coating
1 - Basic External Mix Airbrush Set (Compressor not included)
2 - Quick Release Airbrush
(3) 5 ft. Lengths of Mask Hair
3 Half Round Acrylic Eye Sets

Fee Virtual Copy of The Mask Makers Handbook


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