Stan Winston School Kits

Monster Makers is proud to announce, in partnership with Stan Winston School of Character Arts, these exclusive pre-packaged kits. For a limited time only, buy any Stan Winston School Kit, and receive a free video stream (valued at sixty dollars!)

Who was Stan Winston?
For over 50 years, the name Stan Winston has been synonymous with iconic fantasy characters, including the killer cyborgs of The TERMINATOR series, the extraterrestrial monstrosities of ALIENS, the alien hunter from the PREDATOR series, the prehistoric giants from the JURASSIC PARK films, and the iconic suits from IRON MAN. By relentlessly pushing the limits of art, technology & imagination, Stan Winston Studio continually set new standards of excellence and innovation for character creators worldwide. After Stan's untimely passing in 2008, the Winston family founded Stan Winston School of Character Arts to preserve Stan's legacy by inspiring and fostering creativity in a new generation of character creators. Through connecting the world's finest artists and technicians with students worldwide, our mission is to empower aspiring artists and technical wizards to push the boundaries of character creation for years to come.

What is the Stan Winston School?

Stan Winston School is the world's premier online destination for learning the art and technology of character creation from Hollywood's leading artists and technical wizards. Creating compelling characters requires a vast range of skills and techniques, from big-budget cinematic approaches to DIY methods you can practice in your home workshop. With 1000+ hours of on-demand video instruction to choose from, students can subscribe to gain instant, anytime access to our entire course library. If you're an artist, creator, or maker who wants to learn from the best, welcome to SWSCA. Imagine, Learn, Create!
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