Soft Expanding Polyurethane Foam


Price: $34.95


A 2 part, 2lb. waterblown polyurethane foam system that works beautifully for props, displays, and simulated body parts. Compares favorably to the popular polysoft compound. Because this product in not self-skinning, we recommend using it to back layers of latex in a gypsum mold. This enables you to turn your own masks into soft, but solid objects that will hold their shape. The expansion ratio of up to 25 to 1 makes it very cost effective. Kits are packaged in 2 parts B to 1 part A: 2 pounds of B to 1 pound of A for example.

Note:  For best results, use of a scale to measure by weight is recommended. THIS PRODUCT IS HIGHLY MOISTURE SENSITIVE: When used to back latex, please make sure the casting is bone dry before introducing the foam or the foam may fail to set properly or collapse. Please test before commmiting to a larger volume per run. For a more stable result please make sure material is a a comfortable room temperature (not too hot and not too cold) and mix in smaller batches. For example, not more than: 2 x 8 oz. cups of B to 1 x 8 oz. cup of A.

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