Protac Adhesives and Remover

PROTAC [PROsthetic Transfer Adhesive  Compound] and PROTAC CREAM are fast becoming two of the most popular Prosthetic Adhesives on the market today. Exclusively Manufactured in house by Monster Makers, Protac is a Premium high solids, water based, acrylic emulsion adhesive that compares favorably with the popular Prosaide Adhesive. Protac Cream is our ultra high solids paste version of Protac that works beautifully in the Prosthetic Transfer process.  Both compounds can be purchased in a variety of sizes and at a very attractive price point. To compliment our Protac Adhesive line we also offer Protac Remover, which is our Isopropyl Myristate based blend that is gentle on the skin and cuts most dry water based acrylic films with ease.
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