Monster Mold 125 | Tin Based Silicone Kit


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Introducing Monster Mold, our new mold-making silicone. Ideally suited for all kinds of flexible mold making applications, Monster Mold 125 a shore A20 durometer.  Monster Mold 125 has excellent tear strength, is very pourable and can be easily made brushable with our new Monster Mold Thixo Additive and Fast Catalyst.

Monster Mold 125 is a 10:1, tin based system that offers properties similar to other popular tin based silicones on the market but at a lower price. Compared with similar products, Monster Mold 125 cures comes with a blue catalyst. It is also heat resistant up to 400 F, so you can use it to bake foam latex.

Pint Kits (1 lbs. Base + 2 oz. Catalyst)
Quart Kits (2 lbs. Base + 4 oz. Catalyst)
Gallon Kits (9 lbs. Base + 1 lb. Catalyst)

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