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For jobs where you need to decrease the cure of your Monster Mold and or create a brushable, non runny medium, we carry these two important additives:


Monster Mold Fast Catalyst

With Monster Mold Fast Catalyst, you can safely decrease your demold time. By substituting percentages of the standard catalyst, you can turn tin based silicone molds over much quicker. This will also shorten pot life, so care must be taken especially when de-airing. The redish color of our fast cast combined with the blue color of our standard catalyst will create a specific purple shade that can be used to ensure a well blended mix. Substitute up to 30% of the standard catalyst for accelerated curing. 70% Standard catalyst with 30% Ultra Fast Catalyst will provide a 90 minute demold approximately. This product will work with most tin based silicone's.

NOTE: Colors may vary depending on batch. 


Monster Mold Thixotrophic Additive

For those of you that prefer to use a brush-up technique when making molds, our Thixo is a very useful additive. Most silicone compounds are designed to be poured and will run off of your model, seeking the lowest point. By first adding 3% of the thixo additive to 100 parts base and then a 50/50 blend of standard activator and ultra fast catalyst to vulcanize the base, you can make your own brushable silicone medium that won't run off of your pattern. Works best when used in combination with the ultra fast catalyst.

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