Monster Makers Latex Mask Paint - Single Colors


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Monster Makers Latex Mask Paint - Single Colors Monster Makers Latex Mask Paint - Single Colors
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A concentrated, pre-mixed paint medium developed for use on latex rubber masks and props. Features excellent coverage, super flexibility, dries quickly and adheres well to the mask surface. These specially formulated elastic paints have a unique, stretchy quality that allows them to bond to the latex rubber and flex without cracking or peeling. Colors can be intermixed to create custom colors. Can be used on a variety of slush latex, casting latex, molding latex and Mask Latex formulations but works especially well on our RD-407 Mask Latex. Can also be used on urethane foam and Foam Latex as well. Colors can be intermixed to create an endless variety of shade possibilities. Recommended for use with external mix airbrushes such as the Paasche H or the Badger 350. Can also be applied with a brush or stippled with a sponge.

Also availble in the 9 Color Kit: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Brown, Light, Medium and Dark Flesh or the 13 Color Kit: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Violet, Light, Medium and Dark Flesh, Brown, Gray, White, and Black

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