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Our Prosthetic Foaming Agent comes standard with all of our Theatrical Foam Kits. The Prosthetic Blend Foaming Agent imparts ultra fine cells for facial appliances that require micro thin blending edges and subtle movement.
Super Cell Foaming Agent: Our Super-Cell foaming agent makes thick, fluffy, microcell latex foam ideal for patching and seaming applications. Whipped foam rises rapidly to high volumes, has ultra-fine cells and holds its froth all day. Lovingly nicknamed "HOBART HELPER" by Hollywood foam technicians, replacing 10% of your usual foaming agent with Super-Cell helps make finer-celled foam in large mixers. Super-Cell can also be used as a sole foaming agent when productions demand a super fine-celled latex foam with more resiliency, with the same subtle movement you've come to expect of Monster Makers Foam.

High Rise Foaming Agent: Rounding out our Foaming Agents is our High Rise Foaming Agent, having the greatest foaming action of foaming agents compatible with natural latex foam. Easily produces super high volume latex foam. Can also be used in hot summer weather. If you've cut way back on the gelling agent and your foam is still going off too fast. If you absolutely have to run foam in hot environments, this will give you more work time. Substitute up to 5 grams of the Prosthetic Foaming Agent with High Rise Foaming agent for optimal performance.

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