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BARNES PRODUCTS Known throughout Australia as a major supplier to creative people, Barnes Products is well placed with outlets in Brisbane, Melbourne  and Sydney. Now carrying Monster Clay, Protac Adhesive, and Monster Makers Foam Latex System.


ASSYST   Located near Antwerp, Belgium, Assyst Company has a twenty year history in the molding and casting field. Now carrying all grades of Monster Clay, Latex Foam System and more! All to be found on their webshop, too. 



ARTIST EMPORIUM  Artist Emporium has been supplying its customers with the highest quality Artist Materials since 1977. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Artist Emporium now carries all three grades of Monster Clay, smoothing solution, and Monster Makers Texture Stamps.

COAST FIBER-TEK  Vancouver based Fiber-tek has over 40 years of experience in the fiberglass industry. They also carry a wide variety of molding and casting compounds to meet any need. You can find Monster Clay and Monster Makers Foam Latex here as well.

SCULPTURE SUPPLY CANADA Our first Canadian partner at We've had lots of requests from our Canadian customers to be able to buy our products locally. Now you can with SSC. This is a great company with a really knowledgeable staff. Anyone wishing to buy our products in Canada are encouraged to go to SSC, as this is the only compete source for Monster Makers products in Canada.

SIAL  For those of you in the Montreal area of the great white north, be sure to check out SIAL for Monster Clay and Monster Makers Foam Latex System. They also have lots of great items for real 3-D artists.


A manufacturer of animatronics, FX makeup appliances, landscape and art crafts with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force since 2017.Offering a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, with products extensively used in films, theme park, events and other industries. Now carrying several key Monster Makers Products.


NEWLINK RESOURCES  Founded in 1996, Newlink Resources specializes in the wholesale and retail of imported molding materials for product design, toy prototype, and construction. Now carrying Monster Clay.

MAY'S COSMETICS  With a long history in the makeup field, MAY'S COSMETICS LTD. is now carrying several key Monster Makers Products as part of their special effects line.


Located about 90 kilometres west of Prague in western Bohemia, Silikony SRO mainly deals with the sale of silicones, polyurethanes, rubbers and thermoplastics for film studios, theater, and more. Now carrying Monster Clay.


MAJAMA PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP  Strasbourg is home to our new French partner, Majama Professional Makeup. If you are in Strasbourg, be sure to visit Majama's store which carries everything makeup related and more. Now carrying Monster Clay as well. They also have a cool website!

MAKEUP FX SHOP Located in Taverny, France, Makeup FX Shop is well known for being an all inclusive special effects store providing tools and products for professionals by professionals. Now carrying Monster Makers Foam Latex System and RD-407 Latex


KAUPO PLANKENHORN Located in Southern Germany, about an hour south of Stuttgart and only one and a half hours north of Zurich Switzerland, is our newest distributor.  Since 1998, KauPo Plankenhorn has been specializing in mold and casting impression technology. Not only do they offer a wide variety of molding and casting materials but they can provide expert assistance for nearly any project involving reproduction of real 3-D objects. KauPo Plankenhorn now offers all three grades of Monster Clay as well as our all new Ed and Alanna H2.0 Armature Line.

KRYOLAN Located in the middle of Berlin's main shopping district, Kryolan has been a manufacturer of professional make-up for theater, film & television, beauty, fashion, body painting and special effects for more than 70 years. Now offering all three grades of Monster Clay as well as our Monster Gel Alginate Line.


ANTICHITÁ BELSITO SRL Located in Rome, Italy, Antichità Belsito specializes in the online sale of materials and equipment for restoration and conservation. Now carrying Monster Clay, Monster Makers Foam Latex System and Monster Makers Mask Paints.

CREAFX  Scandicci, Italy is home to the one of the finest European FX companies. Located in the Southern Florence, Tuscany Region, Creafx offers a variety of FX materials and their services as a full fledged makeup fx company. You will find our Monster Clay and Monster Makers Foam Latex as well.


CERMAT a leading company in Israel for distribution of materials for prototyping molding and materials for small serial productions. Now carrying Monster Clay.


TEMPTU  Another new supplier for us, in Japan, is Temptu, with locations in Toykyo and Nagoya

ZOUKEI ART SUPPLY  Ibaraki, Japan is home to our new Japanese distributor. You can purchase Monster Clay Premium here with more items to come in the months to follow.


MULTIFILLA (M) Sdn Bhd is The complete arts and crafts materials warehouse serving Malaysia and Singapore. Now showcasing a wider variety of products for all crafts and carrying Monster Clay.


MORPH INDUSTRIES  is our newest exclusive distributor in Mexico. Here you will find a wide variety of Special Effects Materials including our Monster Clay as well as our Sculpting Armatures.



FORMX Our European partner located in Amsterdam. A great place for all kinds of FX related materials. They sell many of our products including Monster Clay. Formx has now expanded with new shops located in Barecelona, Spain!

Supplying molding & casting products throughout Europe for over 2 decades, Nedform is now carrying Monster Clay.


BARNES PRODUCTS Known throughout Australia as a major supplier to creative people, Barnes Products has just recently opened a location over in Henderson, Auckland City! Now carrying Monster Clay, Protac Adhesive, and Monster Makers Foam Latex System.

 Also located in Auckland, NZ, Body has a wonderful range of SPFX Makeup Supplies. Look for Monster Clay and Monster Makers Foam here as well.

RESINCRAFT RESINCRAFT is your one-stop online store for mould making and casting products, special effects and life casting materials, river table and general fibreglass resins, cloths, surfboard building materials as well as arts, crafts and hobby supplies no matter how big or small your project!


DEOVIR ARTS Located in Manila, and supplying artists since 1978, Deovir Arts, Inc is our newest carrier of Monster Makers Armatures, Monster Clay, Monster Gels, and Texture Stamps.


The sister company to KauPoSil, the largest representative and distributor of Smooth On materials in Eastern Europe, with a specialized focus on Cosplay Materials. Now carrying Monster Clay.


SLEPOK If you are located in Russia, than we have good news for you. We now have an excellent distributor in Moscow that carries Monster Clay. They also carry a wide range of molding and casting compounds for a variety of real 3-D applications.

FX SHOP STUDIO Based in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia our newest distributor has taken a great liking to Monster Clay. Their specialized web shop willl ship Monster Clay right to your door all accross Russia with delivery to Belarus and Kazakhstan as well.


MASQUE AND MAKE-UP SUPPLY COMPANY Located in Capetown, South Africa, our newest distributor offers courses and well as a full line of makeup and FX Supplies. You can purchase Monster Clay, Monster Makers Mask Paints, and a number of other assorted Monster Makers items now in South Africa.




CARMAS COMPOSITES S.R.L.  Located in Beautiful Buenos Aires, Carmas Composites has a great selction of molding and casting compounds for artists and industry alike. With two locations, supplies are available in both the Northern and Southern Zones of the city. Now carrying Monster Clay and Protac and Isopropyl Myristate. Watch for more Monster Makers materials in the near future.


MOLDFLEX/MODELAGEM  Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to Moldflex where local artists and craftspeople can find a variety of molding and casting supplies. Located just a mile Northwest of the University of Sao Paulo we are pleased to welcome Moldflex to our Monster Makers family. Many people have been asking when Monster Clay can be purchased in Brazil. And now you can for for very the fist time!


ZONA-FX  Located in the heart of Bogota, Colombia, Zona-FX is bringing Special Effects to South America for the first time. Zona is now carrying Monster Clay, RD-407 Latex, Monster Makers Foam Latex and a variety of new Monster Makers Products.


SFX KOREA Based in the Yongsan District of Seoul, South Korea, SFX Korea carries a wide selection of makeup, adhesives, and prosthetics. Now carrying RD 407 and Monster Makers Mask Paints.

HYUP SHIN Since 1974 Hyup Shin has been providing quality molding and casting material for many applications and industries in South Korea. Hyup Shin carries a wide variety of materials including, Monster Clay, ED and Alanna Heads, RD-407 and other Monster Makers products. 


FEROCA COMPOSITES S.A.   Madrid, Spain may best be known as the bullfighting capital of the world. It is also home to a great molding and casting supply store called Feroca. Here you will find Monster Clay and a variety of other compounds for art and industry.

FORMX   Our European partner located in Amsterdam now has two locations in Spain. A great place for all kinds of FX related materials. Formx sells many of our products including Monster Clay.


SIPEX Another of our excellent international distributors is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Here you’ll find our Monster Clay among many other molding and casting compounds.


BENTLEY ADVANCED MATERIALS  Two locations in Worcestershire and Feltham, Bentley has a variety of molding and casting materials. Now carrying Monster Clay.

GURU MAKEUP EMPORIUM  Located at 12 Kensington Church Street in London, GURU has a wide selection of makeup and FX related materials available in their walk in store.

MOULDLIFE  Large Supplier of 3-D Molding and Casting Materials in the London area. Now carrying Monster Clay, Monster Makers Foam Latex System and assorted Monster Makers products.

NEILLS MATERIALS  A relatively new UK supplier with a broad range of SPFX makeup materials. Neills now carries a variety of Monster Makers products.


Located in Kiev, the largest selection of goods for professional use in the field of theater, cinema, television and those who are interested in the creation of body and face art. Now carrying Monster Clay!


AMERICAN FINE ART SUPPLIES Located in Burbank, California, AFA has been an industry icon for 35 years. Not only can you come here to turn your sculptures into bronze, but AFA has a whole range of professional sculpting supplies including Monster Clay.

ART SUPPLY WAREHOUSE Located in Westminster, California, Art Supply Warehouse is our newest distributor catering to all things art and craft related. Now carrying Monster Clay!

BITY MOLD SUPPLY  Run by long time customer and friend, Brick in the Yard Mold Supply has all kinds of materials for making real 3-D. Located in Richardson, TX. Monster Clay is available at BITY.

BURMAN INDUSTRIES  An industry staple for over 30 years, Los Angeles based Burman Industries sells a wide variety of Special Effects Materials including our Monster Clay.

CHEMBAR Located in Columbus, Ohio, Chembar is an industrial supplier of specialty molding and casting systems, adhesives and a variety of product lines for many tooling applications. Now carrying Monster Clay.

COLUMBUS CLAY Now carrying Monster Clay, Columbus Clay is the premier supplier to the art and ceramics industry in the Columbus, Ohio area.

COMPLEAT SCULPTOR New York City's premier source for all your sculpting and mold making needs. Also known as SCULPT.COM, Owner Marc Fields has created a one stop shop for anyone with a passion for making three dimensional forms. The Compleat Sculptor now carries Monster Clay and a select assortment of Monster Maker items.

DAVID ART CENTER The largest art & drafting supply store in Metairie, Louisiana! When it comes to art and drafting supplies, David Art Center has the hugest selection of material to choose from. Artists come from near and far to browse our eclectic store located only minutes from downtown New Orleans. Since we’ve been in business for over 50 years, we’re sure we have exactly what you need to jazz up your masterpiece.

 Las Vegas is home to family owned Desert Art Supply. Now in it's 57th year of business, DAS has two locations serving the Southern Nevada area. You can now find Monster Clay here among many other art materials for both 3D and 2D applications. appli

EAGER POLYMERS Chicago's own Eager Polymers is your one-stop source for all mold-making and casting projects. You can find Monster Clay and a variety of our sculpting tool sets here. 

FRENDS BEAUTY SUPPLY Located in North Hollywood, Frends has been around since 1940. Now carrying Monster Clay premium Grade.

FX WAREHOUSE Now carrying Monster Clay premium Grade and Monster Makers Theatrical Foam Latex.

LAST LOOKS FX & BEAUTY SUPPLY Last Looks is the premier special FX supply store in Utah. Carrying everything used by local FX studios and movie productions, now supplying Monster Clay, our Theatrical Foam Latex Kits, Latex colorants, and more!

NIGEL BEAUTY EMPORIUM  Hard to find Make-up related supplies in LA. Nigel has Monster Clay Premium Grade and Monster Makers Foam with more items to come.

RAW MATERIAL SUPPLIERS Located only 30 miles north of San Diego, in Escondido, CA, Raw Material Suppliers offers a wide range of quality mold making materials and manufacturing supplies at bargain prices. Now carrying Monster Clay.

REYNOLDS ADVANCED MATERIALS  With 12 locations throughout the United States, RAM is a great supplier for all types of molding and casting materials. Currently all 12 locations: AluquerqueDallasDetroitDenver, Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Allentown, Charlotte, Phoenix, Atlanta (formerly The Engineer Guy) and Seattle are stocking Monster Clay as well as our Ed and Alanna Head Busts. Select locations also carry our Protac Adhesive.

S.E.T - SILICONE AND EPOXY TECHNOLOGY Your complete manufacturing source for specialty Epoxy, Silicone and Urethanes. Located in West Babylon, NY. Now carrying Monster Clay, ED and Alanna Heads.


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