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Our brand new warm water set, Prosthetic Grade Alginates, Monster GelCSF and Monster Gel TG, mix easily to very creamy consistencies by hand. 

Monster GelCSF (Crystalline Silica Free) comes in 3 different working times: Fast, Regular, and Slow. Both grades work with warm water at 90F. Great for head casts and body casting. Working time is dependent on which grade you’ve chosen. (Please note that these alginate should not be used with cold water. They are formulated to work with warm to very warm water. Cold water mixes can result in very slow and weak setting batches.)

Monster Gel TG 
(Traditional Grade) gives you approximately 4-5 minutes working time at 85 F.

For optimal results, use warm water only

Prolonged or repeated exposure by inhalation of free crystalline silica may cause lung damage and Silicosis. Wear respiratory protection when using this product: Do not breathe dust. Protective gloves and safety glasses or goggles. If exposed or concerned: Get medical advice. Dispose of contents/ containers in accordance with local regulation.


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