Methylcellulose Powder


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For those looking to make their own goo and slime recipes, here is an excellent Methyl cellulose powder that dissolves well into warm water. This is one of the highest molecular weight powders available and is capable of creating very thick solutions if required, depending on the powder to water ratio used. Higher molecular weight also means greater value, as less powder is needed to achieve gels of any concentration. This is an excellent product for simulating nearly any type of bodily fluid. Solutions are clear and can be tinted to any shade or color with food or water based colorants.

Please note: This product is sold by volume, not by weight

Methylcellulose Powder has an indefinite shelf life when sealed and and kept away from moisture. To extend the shelf life of pre-mixed materials, add a preservative like a water based wide spectrum bactericide and store in a refrigerator.

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