Meet Our Team

As the saying goes, "It takes a village," or at least a team of hardworking and dedicated professionals to make this machine run. Lots of folks know the name, but relatively few know the people behind the name. So here we are.......

Arnold Goldman
Product Development/General Manager - Arnold Goldman

Specializing in innovation and implementation, most days you'll find Arnold in his lab, developing and improving the fine products that Monster Makers' fans of have come to know and love over the last three decades. He is also a proud father, the creator of Monster Clay, an active sculptor and devoted Rush Fan since 1975.

Kimberly Goldman
Operations Manager - Kim Goldman

The fuel that powers the engine of Monster Makers, Kim is the force that makes this machine move. She's been with us since day one and is clearly recognized by her coworkers as the unsung hero of the company. There would simply be no Monster Makers without her. It's also a llttle known fact that she knows the name and breed of nearly every dog in the neighborhood. She can always be found with her own little buddy, a Shih Tzu named Max, seated firmly by her side.

Jason Kisner
Production Manager - Jason Kisner

As back end operations and production manager, Jason IS the engine of Monster Makers and a man of numerous talents. On any given work day, Jason can be found carefully orchestrating a sophisticated game of Jenga on a massive scale. He is also one heck of a visual artist and Mask Maker, as well as being an all-around dedicated champion of our operation. We are still actively looking for his clone.

Alanna Schultz
Wholesale Accounts/Co-Operation Manager - Alanna Schultz

If Kim is the fuel and Jason is the engine, then Alanna most certainly helps provide direction for this machine. Although she has many skills, her main role at Monster Makers is to manage the wholesale side of our business, which she does with great expertise. She also helps to navigate obstacles, provide balance, and keep us pointed in the right direction. Alanna also happens to be a gifted dancer and creator of The Monster Dolls, which explains her dexterity and why she is so good at what she does for our company.

Alex Madej
Media Department Supervisor / Safety Coordinator - Alex Madej

One of the more recent and multi-talented members of our staff, Alex is both funny and focused. He brings with him an all around good vibe wherever he goes. Infused with equal parts of art and music, Alex handles our Graphics and Media Content, all while providing the virtual, and sometimes, actual soundtrack beats for Monster Makers.

Kyle Horde
Retail Order Department Supervisor - Kyle Hord

Kyle is the most recent re-addition to our staff and now manages the retail side of our business.   We say re-addition, because Kyle was originally with us back in 2008 when he spent a few days as a Monster Makers apprentice. His task back then was to assemble one hundred Marilyn Manson masks. Kyle was quite happy that day and remains so to this day.  Despite his easy, affable way, Kyle is a hard-core fan of all things Monster and Horror related. We are pleased to welcome him back nearly ten years later.

Thomas Erich
Warehouse Production Assistant - Thomas Erich

When Thomas is not busy elsewhere as an Internet Radio personality or cheering in the baseball stands, he can be found with Jason in the thick of things, helping to assemble the oversized Jenga puzzle pieces around the warehouse. To date, we are pleased to report no significant hiccups, thanks to Jason's precise direction and Tom's good gaming skills.

Warehouse Production Assistant - Russell Baker

Monster Makers also welcomes Russell Baker who joins our warehouse team. Russell's responsiblities include wholesale order assembly and packaging. Outside of Monster Makers, Russell spends time making his own original latex mask creations and is interested in all things relating to theatrical makeup effects.

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