Secure your appliances with quality that sticks! Monster Makers ProTac Adhesive
Take your Latex Mask Making to another level. Introducing Ed and Alanna H2.0


Then you're in good company! Monster Makers is THE premier source for Sculptors, Toy Designers, Puppeteers, Inventors, Theatrical Make-up Artists, Film-Makers, Latex Halloween Mask-Makers, Special Effects Artists and Makers from around the world! Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, we not only have the right materials, but the know-how to get you started! Now in our 31st Official Year in business, THE MONSTER MAKERS has grown into one of the leading suppliers of three dimensional Special Effects Materials in the Industry.


Throughout our time in business, we have been pleased to serve you and ensure that you can keep doing what you do best – creating! Over the course of the last 31 years, and especially in the last 2 years since the pandemic began, we have managed to weather price changes, supply chain issues and absorb extra costs to keep providing the innovative and affordable products that you need to bring your ideas to life. We have worked hard to keep our prices low and tried to avoid passing on any increases to our customers. However, with great consideration, we have decided that price increases are now unavoidable this year to avoid sacrificing the quality of the materials we provide for you. Our Summer Sale on July 15th will be our final sale at current prices, and all orders placed after July 15th will be subject to the price increases.

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