Who or what are The Monster Makers, Inc.?
Established in 1990, The Monster Makers is a mail order supply company which provides Latex Mask Making Materials, F/X Supplies, and Special Effects Instructional materials to a global market, from hobbyists to professional theatrical Special Effects artists. Our business officially began in 1990, but if you were a reader of Fangoria you may recall seeing our classified ads as early as 1986.

What services do you provide?
Mainly, we provide friendly and personalized SPFX supply service. At Monster Makers, you can always speak to someone who can answer your questions about our catalog items and how to use them -- feel free to tell us about your needs and we'll see what we can do to help.

How can I get started making monster masks?
By visiting the Monster Makers, website you've already taken the first step. We recommend that you purchase some basic materials and practice the craft. Your work area should have a sturdy table, a sink with running water, the right materials (such as one of our Starter Kits) , and a willingness to learn.

What are the basic materials needed to make latex masks?
There are three primary materials needed for Mask-Making: 1) Monster Clay, to create the sculpture, 2) Gypsum, to make the mold, and 3) RD-407 Mask Latex, to cast the mask. Secondary materials include Mask Paint, an Airbrush and Air Compressor, and a Sculpting Armature for sculpting your mask pattern.

Is mask-making part of the F/X field?
Mask-making is a major cornerstone of theatrical F/X because it utilizes several fundamental skills: Design, Sculpture, Mold-Making, Casting, Airbush Painting, and Hair Application. These skills are essential to the production of movie monsters and Special Make-Up Effects.

Do you offer educational workshops?
We do offer occassional workshops on various subjects. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications on upcoming events. In addition to the seminars, we openly share information about the F/X field and we try to stay current with all the latest techniques and materials. We recommend browsing through our online shop to educate yourself on the various materials used in the trade. If you need more detailed and specific instruction on Special Effects, we recommend that you consider purchasing some of our excellent How-To books and instructional video DVD's. Our Mask-Makers Handbook is a highly informative text on the subject of creating latex rubber masks.

Do you guys make and sell your own monster masks?
We did for many years, but sadly the mail order side of our business has taken over and we longer do mass production. We love to do corporate or custom work for various clients, but keep in mind that that custom work is not inexpensive. We will be happy to provide you with a quote if you have a project in mind.

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