Discontinued Tooth and Gum Acrylic


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This is a 2 part powder (Polymer) and liquid (monomer) self curing, acrylic system that sets to a very hard plastic when combined. Can be cast directly into alginate and silicone molds without a mold release or formed by hand. An excellent product for making very realistic wearable theatrical teeth appliances, gums, eyes and horns for masks or animatronic/static displays.

Choose from three grades and three Kit sizes: 
6 oz., 12 oz. and 24 oz.

Tooth Shade: Use to simulate very realistic teeth and horns for masks or animatronic and static displays.

Pink (Gum) Gingiva: Use to simulate fleshy gum tissue of the mouth. By combining this with pre-made acrylic teeth, or with your own castings made from Tooth Shade Acrylic, you can create an endless variety of realistic looking prosthetic, theatrical appliances. Works just as well for gums in monster displays or mechanical masks. Comes in a Veined Pink.

White Lightener: Use to lighten the Tooth Shade Color and for making the sclera (White area of the eye) for theatrical, artificial eyes.

Clear Lightener: Use to simulate translucent teeth, nails, and hardened fluids.

Important Note:
 All of the acrylic products that we offer are for theatrical use only and NOT intended to be used to treat any dental or medical condition. These products will not work for that application. The shades offered are approximate Novelty Shades only and do not correspond to any dental shade guides used in the dental industry.


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