Dipping Latex


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Our Dipping Latex is a low viscosity, natural latex compound that is ideal for making your own bald caps, inflatable membranes, bladders and Tom Savini's recipe for chunks of flesh. Can also be used for dipping plaster or metal shapes to form quick membranes. This is also the type of compound which is used to make make latex gloves, condoms and balloons.

Instructions for use:

Dip your plaster shape into a container of water and remove after a few seconds. Allow any residual water to drain from form. As soon as the form looks dry (not shiny) dip your form into the dipping latex covering completely.

Allow excess latex to drain off the form. Once the latex is drained it will quickly gel and create a film. Repeat as necessary to create the thickness required. Approximately two dips will give the thickness of a balloon.

Once the thickness is achieved allow to dry for 1-2 hours.

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