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This is our best selling Mask-Making Kit. Comes complete with everything you need to make a professional Latex Mask. Gives you enough material to create up to six copies of one medium to large sized mask creation. Includes more material than the entry level kit and and two airbrush sets for professional paint application. Please note that we now offer four versions of this kit. The complete kit contains both the water based clay medium for creating the dividing wall and the Hydro Cal for creating the mold. For those people that have ready access to these items and want to save on shipping, we now offer a kit minus those two items. The Deluxe Mask Making Kit is valued at over $500 if purchased as individual items. With your purchase of the The Deluxe Mask Making Kit you save over $75!

The Deluxe Mask-Making Kit Contains:
-1 Premium Full H2.0 Armature - Choose from Male or Female
-18 lbs. Medium Grade Monster Makers Oil Based Clay®
-Essential Mask Making Tool Set
-4 Piece Oil Clay Brush Set
-50 lbs. EM 210
-50 Lbs. Hydrocal (May be substituted for Ultra Cal)
-2 Yards Burlap
-(1) 2" Chip Brush
-Rubber Kidney Tool Set
-1 Steel Scraper
-2 Mold Banding Straps  substituted with 4 six inch ceramic bands 
-1 Gallon Mask Latex
-13 Color 4 oz. Mask Paint Kit
-4 oz. Perma- Wet Gloss Coating
-1 Basic External Mix Airbrush Set (Compressor not included)
-(2) 5 ft. Lengths of Mask Hair
-2 Half Round Acrylic Eye Sets
-free Virtual Mask Makers Handbook download


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