Customer Rewards Points

The Monster Makers is now offering Reward Points on every purchase! Reward Points are the bonus that you receive in your account for buying products in our store. Every purchase you make earns Reward Points that you can spend like real money in our store.

You can choose to apply your points to your next product purchase, or you can let your points accumulate. Reward Points may be combined with any other discounts we may offer because they are classified as a discount. Reward Points are a reward from us, thanking you for choosing to make your purchases at The Monster Makers!

Your Reward Points will be updated with points earned from new purchases the moment that your order ships.

Earning Points

Every product shows you what you will earn in Customer Reward Points by purchasing that product. For every dollar you spend, you receive 5 points. So, a purchase of one hundred dollars would generate 500 customer reward points that can be used towards a future purchase. One hundred rewards points equals $1.00, so five hundred rewards points equals $5.00.

Your Rewards Points earned are stored and reported in your Account.

Once you have signed into your account, you will see a link for Rewards Points in the My Account menu. This link will take you to the My Customer Rewards Points Log. This log reports the points earned from each of your orders and the orders in which you redeemed your points.

Points won't appear for new purchases until your order has shipped.

Redeeming Points

Once you have added a product to your shopping cart and signed into your account, you’ll see a link for Point Payment in the shopping cart and on the checkout page. Clicking on this link will expand or compress the form for applying your points to your purchase. Click on the link to expand the form and it reports how many points you have available in your account and gives you an input field where you can enter a number of points to redeem.

Enter the number of points you would like to redeem.

Click the ADD BUTTON and your order total is recalculated.

The number of points in your account will not change until you have completed checkout.

To view your redemption history, click the My points link in the My Account menu after signing in. The Reward Points log will report the orders that earned points and the orders in which you redeemed the points.

Remember, points won't appear for new purchases until your order has shipped!

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