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Basic Studio Tool Set

A good beginning set of tools for detailing and mold work. Includes 1 Metal Scraper, 1 Large Loop Tool, 1 Wooden Tool, 1 Double End Loop Tool, 2 Stainless Steel Double End Dental Tools, and 1 Scribing Tool. Packaged in a Waterproof Pouch.
Intermediate Studio Tool Set

A set of ten sculpting and detail tools suitable for a wide variety of sculpting styles. Includes: 4 Wooden Tools, 2 Stainless Steel Double End Dental Tools, 1 Stainless Steel Double End Spatula, 1 Scribing Tool, 1 Double End Loop Tool, and 1 Large Loop Tool.
Professional Studio Tool Set

A thirteen piece assortment of detailing, sculpting, and mold finishing tools for professionals. Includes: 1 Wooden Shaper, 1 Clay Sponge, 3 Stainless Steel Dental Tools, 2 Coated Handled Carving Tools, 2 Wooden tools, 1 Double End Chiseled Loop Carver, 1 Double End Loop Tool, 1 Wire Cutting Tool and One Metal Clay Scraper.

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