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Cinema Slime makes a very tacky and stringy slime with long threads when pulled. Used by many film productions to create practical effects where creatures exude body fluid that stretches and moves realistically. It also makes great sticky drool and birthing fluids, or just about anything where a highly organic stretchy goo is needed. All colors can be thinned with water to create a thinner consistency.

Creature Clear
: Ideal for simulating lifelike secretions and textures without any added dyes or pigments. Can also be used as a base to create your own customer color slime with just a few drops of food dye per ounce.
Blockbuster Blood Red: This is the bloody version of our popular Creature Slime. Excellent for those bloody digusting Movie scenes.
Obsidian Ooze Black: Our black slime is great for your most intense cinematic moments, especially scenes involving demonic possession or otherworldly encounters. The opaque black color will add a sinister touch to any scene.
Alien Acid Green: Excellent for alien movie scenes where your creatures need to slither and slide in a slimey environment.

WARNING: All slime products can stain skin and clothes. This product is intended for external use only, keep away from mouth and eyes.

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Simply amazing!
Reviewed by
I love the slime this company provides!
Every time I ship out an order for a prop organ/fetus I give my clients a small jar of it.

The effect is great & the water soluble formula makes it easy to clean.

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