Monster Makers is Back!

We are pleased to announce that Monster Makers is back to business as usual following our recent warehouse fire. For those of you that may have missed the news, the Industrial Complex where Monster Makers resided suffered a gas leak fire and explosion that forced us to shut down our operations for about three weeks. Fortunately, no one was injured but our operations were impacted.

We’ve had to move over one warehouse space and do some cleanup, but other than that, we are nearly back to 100%.

Watch for a welcome back sale coming soon!

-The Monster Makers Team

Fire Aftermath & Update

Howdy folks!

Just a little update on where we stand currently with the aftermath of the recent warehouse explosion at our warehouse complex on February 3rd. For those of your that missed the announcement, you can read more about what happened click here.

The cleaning and restoration of our production areas is taking slightly longer than anticipated. With limited access to the affected warehouses, we have been unable to access our inventory.

As of today, February 20th, we have been unable to begin processing any orders that were made starting February 1st. For those of you with orders affected by the shipping delay, we expect to begin processing orders again very soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact with your order number and first and last name. We will have another update tomorrow announcing when shipping can resume operations.

If your order is time sensitive, please let us know or reach out to one of our many distributors.

We are currently in the final stages of cleaning and getting settled into our new temporary home right next door! Orders will go out ASAP once we receive the clearance needed have access to our materials and begin production again.

We appreciate your support and patience during this challenging time. More updates to follow in the next couple of days.

-The Monster Makers Team

Monster Makers Narrowly Escapes Industrial Fire and Explosion

Firefighters say a gas leak fueled the fire at this warehouse on Industrial Parkway in Cleveland.
Firefighters say a gas leak fueled the fire at this warehouse on Industrial Parkway in Cleveland. (Photo courtesy of 
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February 5th, 2019

In the early morning hours of February 3rd, 2019, Monster Makers Employees woke up to the startling news that the Industrial warehouse complex housing their place of business experienced a gas leak explosion and fire. The explosion was so intense that it lifted a portion of the building off its foundation.

Thankfully, due to the time of the accident, no one was hurt. Amazingly, Cleveland firefighters were able to put out the fire just as it was heading into The Monster Makers operations and warehouse.

Although Monster Makers was spared in the accident, two other businesses were not as fortunate and were destroyed entirely by the fire.

For those interested in more details, here is a link to the local news story:


 The Aftermath…

Despite our good fortune, Monster Makers will experience a complete service interruption for the week of February 4th, 2019. We are hoping to resume at least partial shipping and receiving capability by the week of February 11th, 2019 and will provide updates via social media and e-mail communication as we have more information going forward. Our phone lines are down during the cleanup, but we expect that to be corrected soon. Please use for all inquiries in the meantime.

If you have a pending order, please be aware that there will be a delay in shipping. We expect to be back to full operations very soon. Until then, we are asking that all our customers please bear with us while we work to get back to business as usual. Those with pending or new orders will be contacted with an updated estimated delivery. Anyone with a more urgent order is encouraged to reach out to one of our many domestic distribution partners.  For a complete list of our distributors, please see:

Thanks to all our customers for your patience and understanding while we get back to resuming full operations. We appreciate your continued support!

Be safe everyone.

Kind regards,

The very grateful staff of Monster Makers.

The Future of Mask Making Has Finally Arrived

Introducing the Ed & Alanna, and Half Ed 2.0!

After years of development and suggestions from Makers all over the world, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new H2.0 Armature Line: The world’s first water fillable sculpting armatures!

There are three models currently available: The Ed Head 2.0, Alanna Head 2.0, and Half Ed H2.0. Each armature was based on the original Ed, Alanna, and Half Head designs we’ve been providing to makers for years. Completely reengineered and reimagined, the H2.0 line is composed of a rugged, high-density plastic that can withstand the rigors of mold making and years of continued use with little to no wear.

We put that claim to the test by hurtling the Ed Head into the ground from 2 stories up! And if you think that’s crazy, we put the Half Ed through it’s fair share of testing: 4000lbs worth of solid Jeep Wrangler pressure 2 times!

The results? Not a single scratch, crack, or fracture.

Just resilience.  

Say goodbye to broken necks, gouged out cheeks, and splintered noses: This sucker’s built to last! Not only are they endlessly reusable, but Mold Making has never been easier. Just sculpt you character over the form and make your mold, then let the magic happen:

RAD (Radient Assisted Demold) Technology™ provides an easy, built in clay release system which dramatically aides in the demolding process for artists and mask makers using wax based clay mediums like our Monster Clay. Each RAD enhanced headform filled with hot water becomes a vessel that efficiently transfers radiant heat from inside the form to the surrounding clay causing a softening effect within the mold.

Molds made over RAD enhanced forms can be demolded rapidly and without difficulty, resulting in a greatly improved mold-making experience. When you are ready to demold, simply turn the mold over with the bottom side up, unscrew the inset bottle cap and fill the head form with hot water. Within minutes, radiant heat will begin to penetrate the clay and into the mold for the easiest demolding experience of your life!

Don’t just take our word for it, give your mask making a facelift!

Monster Makers Launches New Website

July 21st, 2017

At long last, the new Monster Makers Website has launched! It’s has been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived and we are pleased to get our store up and running.

Users will find an overall cleaner look to the site, along with easier navigation and a seamless checkout experience. Along with the new site we are really excited to launch many new products while our international and Domestic distributors continue to grow.

We are also pleased that Monster Clay is in great demand and continues to be one of the worlds most popular sculpting clay choices. For those of you that are new to Monster Clay, there are now three, premium grades to choose from including Hard, Medium and Soft. Those of you that purchased Monster Clay before the new grades were introduced in October of 2015, your old premium grade is now referred to as the Medium Grade.

In addition to the new grades of Monster Clay, be sure to check out our new, premium grade alginate impression line called Monster Gel. We have both a Prosthetic Grade for body and face mold applications and a fast set Dental Grade. Both products are formulated and produced in house to be easy to mix and ultra smooth for replicating even the finest details. As well being dust free, both grades are also completely silica free, food grade, safe for skin contact and offer great tear resistance,  In, order to achieve these features, extensive testing was conducted to determine only the safest materials to use in these compounds. As with all of Monster Makers Brand materials, great care has been taken to create a unique and feature filled product that offers exceptional value and affordable price for our customers. Monster Gel will launch concurrent with our new website.

We’d like to thank the following folks for their generosity in sharing their amazing artistry on the new site: Casey Love, Aris Kolokontes, Chris Hanson and Anthony Watkins.

Please let us know what you think of the new site. As with any new launch, there are sure to be a few bugs to sort out, so feel free to offer any feedback.

Happy Monster Making!