Bite Gel Theatrical Teeth Molding Alginate


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BITE GEL™ is our Tooth Grade Impression Alginate. Formulated for teeth models, BITE GEL™ picks up phenomenal detail and can also be used for small area lifecasting jobs. Effortlessly cast models in stone, plaster, fast cast urethane, acrylic and wax without a mold release. Made with all natural non-toxic food grade products, BITE GEL™ is the safe way to replicate your teeth. Crystalline Silica Free. (For optimal results, use warm water only)

*Alginate only. Other supplies sold separately. Now available in Bubble Gum scent.

Mixing Instructions and Proportions 

(Starting point ratio can be adjusted to your needs) 
Mix 1.25 parts Bite Gel™ to 1 part water by volume. 
-Stir water into Bite Gel™ (80°F/26°C water is Recommended) 
-Mix until smooth (about 30-45 seconds) 
-Transfer into impression tray 
-Bite Gel™ will set in 1.5 to 2 minutes. 
-Pour stone into the bite mold as soon as possible. 

Helpful Tips: 
-Colder water will slow the setting time. 
-Alternatively, warmer water will speed it up. 
-Adding excess water will make the mixture thinner and may soften the setting strength. 
-Bite Gel™ will not stick to itself after it is set. 
-Do not soak the mold in water as the alginate can swell and reduce accuracy. 

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