Secure your appliances with quality that sticks! Monster Makers ProTac Adhesive
Take your Latex Mask Making to another level. Introducing Ed and Alanna H2.0


You’ve come to the premier source for Sculptors, Toy Designers, Puppeteers, Inventors, Theatrical Make-up Artists, Film-Makers, Latex Halloween Mask-Makers, Special Effects Artists and Makers from around the world! Now in our 30th year, THE MONSTER MAKERS continues to produce an exclusive range of Special Effects Supplies, including Complete Halloween Latex Mask Making Kits, Monster Clay, Alginates and Lifecasting Supplies, RD 407 Mask Making Latex, Monster Makers Foam Latex, Theatrical Dental Supplies, Latex Mask Paint, Sculpting Supplies and so much more! Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, we not only have the right materials, but the know-how to get you started! Let Monster Makers help you bring your ideas to life.


Greetings Monster Maker! It’s that time of year again to keep in mind that the cool breeze of winter is creeping in and can affect transit time and integrity of your materials! Any latex-based products when frozen may be ruined. Please order early in the week if you are within two days transit. If you are farther away, choose express shipping to prevent any risk of freezing. If you have any questions or concerns about the transit times for your materials, please contact For a full list of freezable products, Click Here!

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